Frequently Asked Questions

The information that follows is for the most frequently asked questions that we receive at New Harvest Ministries. For more information regarding these and other questions contact the church office (410-522-1300).

  1. Where is the ministry located? Is there parking?
  2. When are the regularly scheduled service times?
  3. If there is inclement weather, how do I know if a service or event will be held?
  4. How do I get in contact with a Pastor or Ministry leader?
      Members of the Pastoral staff and Ministry leaders are available to provide additional information about New Harvest Ministries and to answer your questions. To contact a member of the Pastoral staff or a Ministry leader call the church office (410-522-1300).
  5. I am interested in serving in a ministry. What should I do next?
      Thank you for interest in ministry service. You are welcome to check the list of Ministry Directors located under the Our Ministries page of this web site. See these Ministry Directors for more information about their areas of ministry. For involvement in other ministries, see Pastor Leon Pinkett, Assistant Pastor, or Deaconess Diane Reynolds, Administrator for Ministries.
  6. I am interested in scheduling a ministry fellowship opportunity with the New Harvest Ministries congregation. What should I do next?